Natives Killed in The USA and Canada in 2017

I started tracking names last year. This is this year's list, so far. It (like the list for the year before it) is incomplete for many reasons. Not all murders are reported, not every murder reported is listed as an Indigenous person's death, and of course I can't reliably track anything south of the USA or around the Indigenous world because I do not have access to accurate reporting data. This is a volunteer task, and one I hate doing. But as far as I can tell, no major media is tracking these murders, and people need to know. 

1. Jamie Lee Wounded Arrow, 28. Two Spirit woman

2. Jeanenne Fontaine, 29.

3. Ivan Wilson Drags Wolf 24.

4. Anthony Joseph Raine age 20 months.

5. Wendy Carlick, 51.

6. Sarah Macintosh, 53.

7. a 19 year old woman in Sagkeeng (family prefers to not publicize her name)

8. Jimmy Smith – Kramer

9. Zachary N. Bearheels

10. Pekelo Sanchez