Do not be silent

Fight now, in whatever ways you can. Speak. Call, Resist. Make Tyranny afraid to show its face in the streets, shout down every cowardly lie, face every snarling demon-hearted hater head on, and do not break. In time the historians will know whether our silence birthed their violence, or if we rose up and resisted, fought back. Do not let history ask where you were. When your brothers, sisters, mothers, fathers, friends, and bonded-heart families are at risk, march, fight. Do not be silent. Rage. Scream. Do not be silent in the face of Lies.  Burn bright with truth, and the righteous anger that is your birthright, the urge to fight for and protect those you love, and those who cannot protect themselves. Scream your truths in the face of Lies. Rage and roar into the hate of their white eyes. Fight back big or small, so that when history asks where were you, you can answer, “I was in the middle of it all.” 

Save the human race. Now is the time, Here is the place.