All Bad News

Super bad not great really damaging court decision today:…/shinnecock-nation-reaches-end-of-t…

it has me depressed and reeling.
Recap, SCOTUS ends abortion hurtles, but decides Native land claim cases too disruptive for NonNatives.It's ok when US disrupts tribes tho? There's no justice in this country for Native peoples. None. Not when the highest court of the Settlers decides it's disruptive. A fair hearing on Native land claims is disruptive. WHAT DO YOU THINK THE LAST 524 YEARS HAS BEEN FOR NATIVES?

Our identities as a people = based on our connection to our tribes & our lands, & SCOTUS won't even GIVE US A HEARING. Erasure = Govt policy.

"American Justice" isn't. Not for Natives. When you refuse to let a tribe have a hearing because it might disrupt NonNatives? No Justice.

JUSTICE FOR INDIGENOUS PEOPLE IS “TOO 'DISRUPTIVE' TO LOCAL GOVERNMENTS AND NON-INDIAN RESIDENTS" -SCOTUS. SCOTUS basically said no tribe in the US has a right to have their case about ancestral land claims heard, because that disrupts NonNatives Not a "no you're not right" decision, but SCOTUS won't even HEAR the case. After they admit Natives had been wronged. I'm reeling over this.

My feelings on the Shinnecock land claim dismissal are inchoate; rage and despair & mix of both. I suppose I should have expected this, because the Settler law system, like the rest of the colonizing infrastructure has only ever sought to erase & commit genocide upon Natives.but I can't work up the cynicism necessary to be protectively jaded by this. It hurts. & reaffirms my fear that whiteness = always the enemy