by @CyborgN8VMari

I will raise this small firelight high
even if doing so burns my eyes
I will stand straight even if alone
though it hurts, shakes my bones
I will stand up and speak even until
the dark waters swallow this small hill
then when the sea of obscurity has me
devouring up my sad, worn-empty body
I shall take my endless rest in the darkness
my heart giving its last for the battle I loved best.

Then when dead, return me to the earth
that I might let my body earn my worth
passing on the energy
lent to me.

Love Letter

My Lady you and I
will be long gone
before the depths
of my love for you
are ever reached,

the universe is not
so wide, so oceanic
so impossibly huge
that it can contain
the depths of my
need for loving you,

out past the racing
edge of time’s first
notes spills my love
for every part of you.

let the cosmos be
my love letter to thee.