status quo?

If you needed proof that the government, or rather the oligarchy conglomerate megacorporations  behind the government doesn’t actually care about any of us, not me, not you, no one, take a look at how much money they poor into lobbying against gun control, against LGBTQIA rights, against removing money from elections. Every shooting is damning evidence that the OCM-government has zero interest in the welfare of the people it feeds off of and controls.  To the OCM-government, shootings are population control. Oh sure, there may be trials or token statements and lip service paid via “thoughts and prayers and the call to act”, but I guarantee you no real action initiated in the snake pit of self-serving vipers they call Congress will ever make it far enough to mean something. War, the weapons of war, are far too profitable compared to our lives. Proof? Look at our military budgets versus our healthcare spending.

The OCM likes things as they are.