Medical Fund update

Okay! I’m trying not to swamp everyone with constant updates, but here’s a teeny one! Stage one funding has raised $3270 for medical expenses, ADA housing rent and bills. WOW! Gang, I’m crying here. Two months ago I was freaking out about needing to pay for emergency surgeries, and now I’m getting donation notifications daily! You’re so awesome! 

I’ve bought a back brace to help me stay upright when walking, I’ve got a new proper sized cane, and I’ve ordered a back massager heatpad thing which hopefully will cut down on pain days. I’ve also paid down $2768 of the $5000 direct medical debt owed for my jaw surgery +follow-ups, and also used some for rent. 

So that’s the update! Thank you so much for donating, sharing, and offering good thoughts and prayers! You’re amazing, and I’m so grateful! Thank you!

Next steps if I hit the 5k goal will be stage 2 funding for possible leg/back surgery, and or dental visits. 

I have no idea why I threw this hospital scene from an anime in?