Blades of Lucifer Work In Progress Snippet

Explosion by  Steve Jurvetson  used under CC license

Explosion by Steve Jurvetson used under CC license

This is from the sequel to Guns Of Penance, which will be on sale at $0.99 for the next ten or so hours ONLY before going back to its normal price.

"Without thinking, leaping like an animal, Stacey grabbed the rocket, listening to the beeping noise, and ran back the way she came. She leaped up onto the hood of her car and saw the last attacker frantically loading another rocket into the tube. 

 Stacey stood on the hood of her car, all six foot six inches of her lean muscle mass trembling with rage, rocket in one hand, rifle in the other. Her arm burned with the agony of the rocket’s weight and the wound. 

She yelled, screamed, roared with a shaking fury and hurled the rocket back with all her strength at the woman just as the other woman looked up at the scream.

Stacey raised the Barrett M107 as the rocket sailed up in a tumbling arc. She aimed, and fired.

The rocket, while not set to explode until a certain range, was not itself armor proof, and each of the six inch long .50 caliber BMG shells were designed to shoot down aircraft, proving themselves more than capable of piercing the rocket’s casing.

The rocket exploded mid air and knocked Stacey off the hood of her car, but not before she saw the other woman also go down, and she was close enough to hear a single scream."