I am an imperfect Feminist. #EachEveryWoman

I am a feminist. Not a Radical Feminist, but an AWESOME one. I don’t HATE men, I actually LOVE them, even though I am  married to a lady. I’m a pro sex-positive feminist, (hello I write erotica?) I think intersectionality is crucial & that it’s way past time for cisgender feminists to speak up and support their trans* sisters and brothers I also think cisgender is no more a slur than feminist is. Honestly, it just means someone who is perfectly happy with their gender and their physical sex (no, not the bone-dance kind of sex, the other one.)

I’m also really flawed as a person. I fuck up, alot. My mouth is my foot-shaped. Though not intentionally so, I am racist, ableist, transphobic, and sexist, ignorant and bigoted in other ways I don't understand, even though I try really hard not to be. I have many blind spots. I make mistakes, it’s part of how I learn. When I hurt someone I try to apologize the right way right-away, by saying “I’m sorry I hurt you. How can I make it right?” Not the wishy-washy “I’m sorry if you feel offended” nonsense.

I often doubt myself. I Doubt what I believe. I challenge it. Have the facts changed? Am I wrong? Because what if I never doubted myself and it turned out that my self-confidence was baseless arrogance that hurt others? The idea that “I naturally could not doubt myself  because I’m not wrong” is toxic hubris. Still sometimes it’s harder for me to be confident even when I don’t doubt myself.

None of that makes me any less of a feminist, nor does it disqualify me from being pro-equality for men/women/other, the crazy idea that women and genderqueer people deserve the same respect, safety, and treatment that men expect, and that a feminist is simply someone who strives to make that a reality. 

I am an imperfect Feminist.