Life, Post-Debut-Book-Launch

Real life has scaled back the writing somewhat. Progressing slowly with The Crystalline Prisoner, ( the book previewed at the end of Guns of Penance, but what with the new diagnosis of mild stenosis of the spine, I have to focus on immediate health concerns.

Writing TCP is a refreshing 180 degree switch from the Guns of Penance. It's high fantasy, for one thing (yet still set in the same universe as all the other books) it's shaping up to be a more romance oriented work than say erotica (less sex scenes.)

One thing I have learned with Guns of Penance though, is that book marketing is sooo much harder than writing. Promoting the book on a 0 dollar budget means asking for word of mouth, and getting reviews and things proves difficult. Then again, I'm trying to limit spamming everyone on Twitter and FB to maybe once every few days. According to the word on the Net,  I need a street team, which is apparently a core legion of fans willing to help spread the word about my book in exchange for rare loot and stuff like that. So basically the Ultrafans, I have no idea what I could offer for "loot" though!