maslow's hierarchy of bees

Something's been buzzing around in my head lately, and this blogpost is actually several days of writing and rewriting.  It seems that I am being reminded that I am failing to meet the Maslow's hierarchy of basic needs. So that knowledge streamlines things a little bit. Focuses things just a tad. 

WARNING: Downer post ahead. Written while on Theraflu and Nyquil and a buncha of other things

What a hard month, people of Earth. Please relax and chill out. Take a deep breath. In, out. In. out.  Have a seat. Maybe have a drink of water. Or rum. 

Brass tacks:

I’ve hinted at this for awhile. Fiscal situation is dire, (as it is for many many.) I’m a bit more than sick and tired of it, but that doesn’t make it go away. And the fact is, asking others for help, while a tremendously difficult act (because it makes me feel like an asshole) is both taxing and in the end, only a stop gap to The Problem. (The Problem: Mari can’t find employment or other forms of income generation.) Interest in my art waned quite awhile before my shaky hands symptoms showed up, and lets face it, my writing doesn’t generate income quickly yet—if ever. So.

Shutting down phone service later this week. Website goes dark sometime first week of May. Internet access goes dark around May 15th or so. After that, to all intents, constructions and purposes, I will no longer be a "going concern" as far as the internet is concerned. 

What a buzzkill, huh?

Well, alrighty then. 

But I'll close with some good news:

It's getting sunny and warm out. This will really help me, and maybe I'll kick out something good. Get back to that productive side of life. If not, homelessness is better in warmer weather than cold. 

Point Two:
I have the first space trilogy fairly well planned out, (if not complete, I still have 1.5 books to write) but I realized that if I do manage a second trilogy in this timeline I know who the second protagonist will be. But it's really fun to read. Maybe I'll never get it published Via the Tried and Trusted ways, and maybe it will have to be self published. Even then, there's not guarantee I'll sell more than a handful of copies, eh? But it's exciting!  We shall see. 

Till next time my intrepid space bees. Buzz on!