#FollowFriday Medicated Edition!

I haven't written a #FollowFriday post in, nearly forever (physicists are calling me on the phone telling me I have no idea what I'm talking about but surprise) but I thought I'd take a few minutes out to point you at some awesome people I follow that I think you might like to follow.

First up is Jen Larsen, (@Jenfoo, whose memoir “STRANGER HERE” sounds like it going to be amazingly dull, but shows itself in the tiny little excerpt I read to be exceptionally amazing. It's not science fiction, but it is fantastic. Like another reader said I want to read stacks of her work. I found her via this essay on @Scalzi's Whatever blog .

Next up is Mr. Ryan Oakley, @thegrumpyowl. He's author of the brutally brilliant Technicolor Ultra Mall, which is a smashing dystopian novel that is as sharply written as it is painfully critical. I found him through Tim Maughan @TimMaughan. They sometimes tweet-fight with one another (Google Glass seems to be topic du jour.) but Ryan's tweets are never time wasted.

That's it for now, friends and foes. Until next time