Funny things at the dentist

I HATE dentists. Strike that, I LOVE dentists, as people, as individuals, I just... can't stand their tools of oh god everlasting torture (IS HE DRILLING INTO MY SKULL? HE JUST USED PLIERS TO GRAB ONTO MY JAW! WHAT IS THAT CRACKING SOUND?WHY IS THERE SMOKE?) but sometimes there are just some surreal moments you have when you pay a stranger to reach into your mouth, numb it up, and start renovating a 3 bedroom condo in there. 

One such moment:  My dentist's office has a window for me to look out of while the good doctor is yanking my tongue and replacing it with duct-tape or what ever. Conveniently, my window overlooks a cemetery. 

Did I mention I'm terrified of dentists yet? Kay.

Anyway the surreal bit isn't the cemetery, or even the fact that there's just rows and rows of headstones there, no caretaker's office, not even a shed. But what IS there is a the headstones of like, 2000 people, and a brown UPS truck. The driver of the truck is just tooling around the cemetery, as if he's looking for. . .a SPECIFIC ADDRESS. That's right. Maybe he has a package to deliver. Or maybe he's expecting a pick up. I don't know. I just know that there's probably pretty stiff opposition to getting a signature there.  Maybe he was just hoping to ask someone for directions?

When I die, I'm going to have packages dropped off at my grave every so often, just to mess with people.