So there's this guy

And his name is Paolo, and he follows me on Twitter and I guess after I was done  venting about gun violence in the US he somehow thought he and I should exchange link banners for our blogs?  And I was like, link what? I mean, I know a Bruce banner, but I thought... anyway. So I took a 10 minute cruise around his blog, and thought, what the fuck, why not. He wants me to send you amigos over there for gods know what reason? Sure thing. I hope he's not secretly a <INSERT ILLEGAL FETISH TERM HERE> but if he is, I'm really sorry. 

So go read his blog if you like, and try not to pee all over his div tags.

(This was not a paid endorsement. This was a "fine, I'm awake at 1 AM, why not" decision I reserve the right to regret later.