Isn't it called turquoise?

So, according to some VERY IMPORTANT PEOPLE on the internet, saying "I dislike the blue/green" (about someone else's website's color theme) is akin to being an "asshat." (mind you, the rest of the statement I posted was "I dislike the blue/green, but everything else is great." but thanks for stripping out the context to focus solely on the negative.) This VIP even went on to write a blog post on her website about my remarks, (AND HOW BAD IT WAS TO NOT JUST SAY NICE THINGS OR BE QUIET) though they chose not to identify me by name.  So there's that. 

By the by, just to clarify? I'm slowly losing my eyesight, and there's definitely a range of web colors that makes text on text of the same color hue very hard to read. I'd go back and post that for VERY IMPORTANT PERSON to see, but I'm trying to balance between Honesty & Batshit Crazy, and I'd rather not pee on the website owner's public space any further. (website owner is not the VIP. Website's Owner is actually someone I think is a fucking awesome person, turquoise, or not.) 

But the point is this: When you declare yourself an opinionated person who speaks their mind, but then you make a blog post urging someone to keep their colorful (ha) opinions to themselves, what are you really trying to say?