Readers Needed! Updated!

Update 3:36PM 2/24/13
Applications are now closed! Successful beta reader applicants will be notified shortly with next steps! Thanks to everyone who applied!

The Tokyo Area Novel Project (working title) needs a few good beta readers reading for story-flow and general enjoyment/hate it-ness, editing or proofing. It is a first draft, typo and bad grammar ridden super rough cut book, with at least one sexually explicit scene. Accepted beta readers will be required to keep quiet about what they've read in public spaces, (no tweeting) asked to submit their thoughts and opinions on the work in an essay format (no 140 character reviews, please.)

Successful applicants will receive credit in the acknowledgements, and possibly the option of receiving a cookie. (Made available through a Pepperidge Farms type gift certificate or something.) Please inquire  through the contact form, and list the reasons why you think you'd be a great beta reader. 

Thank you so much!