Are we there already?

Happy Year’s end, and here’s hopes for a greater new year, hmm? I haven’t actually blogged with any seriousness since about September, because life swamps my time these days with bureaucratic balderdash and the battle of Depression 2013 slogs on, cannons a-firing, ships sinking in the muck, and days stretching on.  


So a bit on the novels (Yes, I am still writing and making art and all that why ever do you ask?) and shorts. I am busily chuddering* my way throw the snowy pages of the end of book Two in the space trilogy, as Toddler time dilation allows. I wonder of Einsteins theories ever go askew when three year olds are involved.


Through the advice of a friend I have also taking up writing short erotica stories. I aim to collect about 15 of those and self publish them in a small volume, under a new smutty pseudonym. family is doing alright, but of course, we could be doing better. Times are tough for everyone these days, aren’t they? Well, pish-posh to all that naggery. I suppose I’l try to blog again soon in the New Year, and mayhap share any news of some events or another.


Take care, thanks for reading!


*Chuddering: Chopping, shoveling, clawing and shuddering ones way through thickly wet and heavy snow of the metaphorical sort.