repost + extra bits

Learned a lot of interesting new facts about some folks on my Facebook, today. Didn't even use graph search.Claire Monserrat Jackson in particular. What a fun day this has been so far. In personal news, a short story set in the same universe as the TAN project is clicking along at 1400 words. I hope to sell it to a SFWA "qualified market," but no bones there one way or another. Not that I'm aiming to be as awesomely famous as the amazing Tim Maughan (have you seen his interview in the Huffpost?) but I really do need to try writing as a career option. 

I know I know, they say only write for yourself. But if all writers did that how would they pay rent, groceries and etc? Art for art's sake is a grand and virtuous thing, but being paid for one's writing beats virtuous starvation any day. 

And speaking of starvation. Ugh. The Flu sucks. But in good news, I went outside and played in a park today with my boy. That is as some of you shut in/hikikomori types know all too well, a very huge step for me. It helps that the park was mostly deserted too.

Big changes coming soon.