"The security grids’ cutter programs looked like bright white liquid wasps made of swirling light. They danced along the grid,  clinging to the dark walls, clambering over each other in silent motion. 

 One twin went first, opening  up a flooding wave of infosplatter attacks, while pushing the modified Hydra virus she used against the original hacker towards the cutter programs. The Hydra crashed into the grid, like streamers of blue green fire, melting any cutter wasps it touched.  

The grid fought back, launching synproxy gel at the Hydra heads. The gel attacked the Hydra quickly, like a fast acting glue slowing it down as the synproxy sought to verify the identity of each attacking head as a legitimate port request. One duplicate wrote a fake acknowledgement number code and flung it into the synproxy gel. The fake verification number code bonded instantly with the gel and dissipated the synproxy attack like nail polish remover dissolving rubber cement."

TAN Project