Summer update:

work on the TAN project proceeds apace with some slight road bumps along the way. It’s threatening to spin off into a sequel, but I refuse to let that happen. That character’s story can wait for her own book, dammit.  

I hope to have the rough draft completed before the end of summer. Normally I’d have it wrapped in two weeks but my health is taking a toll, and toddler watching takes up what’s left over. 

I’ve posted this week that said week was one of the most stressful of my life in the last decade and that’s said entirely without hyperbole, even without the fears and worries of my mother’s impending life threatening surgery (to save her life, but it’s a 50/50 thing.)

But there are a few other things going on behind the scenes in my life right now that I cannot get into here that certainly add to the mix. What I can say is that I might have to officially stop the illustration business here soon. I wonder if subway is hiring sandwich mascots?

I really do appreciate the messages of support here, on Twitter, and Facebook from you guys. You keep me going when the trolls might otherwise get me down. Thanks for that, and if you know anyone who needs a logo, a portrait, or a book cover illustration, please send them my way or let me know. I’d be grateful for that. 

See you, Space Cowboy.