So this last week: My mom was diagnosed with 2 (small) aneurysms. She was rushed to the ER twice throughout the week. I averaged 4 hours of sleep a night. The toddler was taken to the ER once, because he slept less than me ( They say it's a  chest cough/cold.) And I can't even come to terms with the worst thing that happened to me this week enough to talk about it. (And no, I'm going to talk about it, even if you ask.Not right now.)


In good news: toddler is healthier and sleeping throughout the night (Vicks Baby Rub FTW.) Mom's headaches seem to have lessened to the point where she can at least do things without blinding pain while we wait to talk to a neurosurgeon, the TAN book editor says "it's an engaging story and I'm off to a marvelous start." It took me three days of conditioning to realize he didn't hate the thing and that it wasn't entirely crap.