how does a social recluse market her book in this day and age?

Forewarning: This blog is not a how to marketing post with clever answers hidden behind a wittty blog title hook, but rather the musings of one reclusive author seeking the answer... 

how does a social recluse market her book in this day and age? 

And by recluse I mean hikikomori level shut in. Is it possible to be a remotely successful author if the idea of stepping foot outside the home, attending a book signing/reading event sends you into dread filled bouts of absolute terror? (no hyperbole here) I’m guessing the answer is “Possibly, but not likely.”

Even authors who have landed an agent and publishing contract are expected to do a lot of legwork marketing their novels. This includes of course being into social media, willing to do interviews/ (sometimes TV/Vlog appearances) and of course a willingness to do tours of events like book signings or appropriate author friendly conventions 

I need a body double for book signings and readings. My inability to deal with people in public for more than 4.25 minutes (average) hits a fever pitch every time I have to do it, and the physical dread feels like suffocation. 

So please let’s not just suggest “Get over it and do tours” because believe you me you are not covering new ground, and that particular mindsoil has been well tread by me and my therapist who I see to deal with this very issue. It’s getting better, but I am in no way able to talk to people for an length of time in person, the dread/shame/fear/hate mixture is just too strong. I hate it. I hate talking about it, because it will give my haters (both of you) something else to insult me about, but it’s a reality I have to face.

And given the confines of that reality, I wonder how I can ever become a successful writer. I think Masamune Shirow’s success is a once in a life-time event. Not to forget that he’s my recluse hero, though!

Sorry for this blog being such a downer. If you want to go read something funny, please feel free.


I just hope one day people say "Mari Kurisato is the god of recluse book marketing!" We’ll see.