can't stop the signal:

Mal, Jayne, Zoe, and Wash are walking across a dusty town square talking with a hapless hardware store owner when said store owner sees a screaming man run into the hardware store, yelling loudly.
Hapless hardware store owner turns to Mal, adjusting his glasses "Was he screaming about paint?"
Mal looks to Jayne, Zoe and Wash before he replies, "Latex, in fact. Interior, right Wash?" 
Wash in his usual manner: "Oh yes, interior, because exterior latex paint is just so weird this time of year." Hapless shopkeeper nods and runs into the store saying, "I should go help him." 
Zoe gives Mal and Wash THAT look, while Jayne cracks a knowing grin.
A minute later the hapless shopkeeper comes stumbling out of the hardware store holding his bloody nose, "He was screaming pain, you (Chinese curse words here) PAIN!"
"Oh," Mal replies calmly. "Pain."
Wash nods, "Latex pain seems a bit odd now that you put it that way."

This is what my brain dreams up for me while I am sleeping. I'm just happy Wash is present, honestly.