Keyhole TV updated links

Updated June 2013

Since I noticed a lot of search referrers looking for a link to Keyhole TV, the program I used to watch Japanese TV news about the quake& tsunami I thought I'd repost this link as a new blog entry since  the old  one was a deleted page.

A few caveats:

This is a service hosted by users in Japan. If they are not broadcasting via keyhole TV the channels you want may not be there. This is not, as far as I can tell, any sort of official program supported the way netflix or hulu might be. It's P2P users broadcasting live, untranslated/unsubtitled Japanese TV. Some channels may not be broadcast TV stations, but might be radio, or individual users broadcasting pictures of themselves, and all the possible horrors that entails. So, user beware.

 I do not support, have any ties with, or benefit from this service  so if it eats your computer and starts SKYNET on your mobile, well too bad so sad. 

The Keyhole TV website in English is here. /index3.php