Follow Friday list reborn: Newsjunkie edition

Are you on Twitter? If yes, then check out these people I think you should follow, and why.

Newsjunkies should note:

Lauren Wolfe
of the War Against Women Project, formerly of the Commitee to Protect Journalists. Getting actual new from around the world can be dangerous, and Wolfe has been on the forefront of telling the world about crimes against journalists for awhile now. Her track record at CPJ gives me great hope for her work as the Director of the War against Women project for Women's Media Center. She's tweeting cuurently about the horrific rapes in the Democratic Republic of Congo, and other very important but not widely known news.

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 Hiroko Tabuchi New York Times Journalist based in Tokyo. A thoroughly informative journalist whose work on The Fukushima Disaster and the March 11 Quake proved invaluable for keeping me aware of by the minute changes in the middle of Japan's worst disaster in my lifetime. Her articles for the NYT are worth the site's damned paywall, in my opinion, but her saber sharp wit on Twitter is priceless. 

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Octavia Nasr*

Nasr made headlines of her own when she voiced her opinions last year and was summarily fired from her job at an obscure news channel, emerging from the incident like the phoenix of legend, using her unique perspective as a Middle East expert to found Bridges Media Consulting and providing a fresh look on Middle East events without ever compromising her own perspectives for fear of annoying some fuddy duddy network. Full disclosure, I once painted a portrait for her, but that did not infliuence my choice to include her in this list of awesome newsies.

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Jake Adelstein*

Author of the amazing Tokyo Vice, investigative journalist, Polaris Project boardmember, and Hello Kitty Ninja, Adelstein amazed me from the first time I read his book, through when we "met" on Twitter (Let's face it, I stalked him) up until now. Full disclosure, Jake is a current client of mine, but that did not influence my decision to include him in this list. 

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