short of breath


Sasameki Koto, my favorite anime when I'm sick with colds

sorry it's been a month since my last update. My partner lost her job recently (this being the part time job she got to replace her corporate position of 5 years) and we've just been busy, and lately, sick. Daisuke, almost twelve months old now, got his first common cold, and it quickly spread to his mommies. Thankfully, his grandmother is away in California caring for someone in the "getting really hard" stages of MS, so she was spared.

Lately though, I've been very short of breath. Taking deep breaths, or even regular  lungfuls of air are getting hard, which makes for exhaustion at night trying to sleep.  And hearing little Daisuke cough in his sleep in his crib is just heart breaking, though as always, even at his worst, he's a polite little trooper. Moms' love, and a little bit of Elmo from Sesame street and he gets by. 

Last month was very kind commissions wise, but as always, I worry about next month. I should be freaking out, but I'm just too exhausted. What energy I have left I'd like to focus on positive things, and to thank everyone who still drops by and reads my blog, fiction, and especially to my art patrons. Thank you so much. Let's hope for a heathier September!

(my favorite time of year is the fall )