Goodbye 2011!

A hard year for many of us, for various reasons, including the Great East Japan Earthquake and Tsunami of the Tohoku region, and the resulting nuclear disaster at Fukushima Daiichi plant. 

Personally I’m still struggling with a hard year of illness after illness (seriously, I was sick for some 34 weeks this year) financial woes (thanks to all of you who helped me stave off eviction again and again this year, domo arigatou!) and family troubles including baby illnesses and spousal worries. Times ahead are guaranteed to be tough, but I know that with the help of friends and family, we can pull through. Thanks again, to all the well wishers and the donors/patrons of my art. You folks made a tangible difference in my life, and I can’t properly express the gratitude I feel.

Progress reports:

Baby is still sick with viral thing, but can eat now, and as cheerful as ever.

Spouse and I are struggling in our relationship with each other, which is not helped by my constant illness. But we’re talking, which is a good start.

I apparently, still have pneumonia. It lurks behind the scenes, just waiting for me to push myself (by taking out the trash, or doing the dishes, for example) to pounce on me and start a huge day stopping coughing fit. New meds keep it at bay, but I’d rather it just go away. On a related note, I’m sick of hospitals.

Finances wise, I have some work trickling in, and a piece of mine was recently displayed in The Atlantic Wire for the lovely Jake Adelstein. so that’s a plus. As always, I’m open to illustration commissions, whether they be portraits, editorial, or commercial works. 

The novel proceeds a pace, bouts of pneumonia notwithstanding.

I wanted to close by again expressing my thanks to everyone whose read, sent well wishes, donated, or purchased art. It’s really helpful, and I hope the New Year finds you happy, HEALTHY and prosperous in your own way. 

See you next year!