December update

If you've been paying attention to my Facebook or twitter accounts, you already know that I was diagnosed with pneumonia on Sunday. If you really only flow my blog, then apologies for not posting the news sooner, but the illness has really punched me to the ground. It's taken no time at all to let me know it is far more hardcore than the constant colds I get. I suppose I should have predicted this, given the constant weak immune system I have, and the onslaught of toddler cold season during the winter. But I certainly didn't see it coming.  Had a chest x ray, catscan, and strep swab at the ER, and was prescribed Zithromax antibiotics. It's a very powerful drug, but the pneumonia is still kicking my butt with coughs and shortness of breath at nights. Word on the street is that this is not a flash in the pan thing, but rather like the siege of a castle, it will take a while to resolve itself.  The baby is going to the dr's later today to ensure that he isn't at risk for it. Fingers crossed.


Despite this point of I'll health I managed to finish what I might call my most ambitious editorial illustration to date during the illness, all the while listening to the audiobook version of 1q84 (which I have yet to finish.)  Just yesterday I wrote roughly 3 thousand words in the novel, and surmounted a huge plot point. The novel is picking up steam, though I don't know if it will be ready for publication by the original deadline I'd set. 


Finances wise; donations and illustrations assignments left over should pay January rental least, February is still up in the air. I'm pondering things, but at the moment am pretty sick as is.  I did leave the donation button up in the leftmost column of the blog, and donations do get a free thank you gift illustration ( will have to change it for repeat donations.) so if you donate to the rent and diaper fund, thank you, I appreciate it regardless of the amount, whether that's $1 or $600. 


I had more to say a minute at but one of the symptoms of pneumonia is a lack of clear thinking, so I guess I'll just have to let it go for now.


Tanks for reading, donating, and sending well-wishes and prayers, I appreciate it.