Excerpt from the work in progress -draft 1

She sighed and suddenly jammed the controls of the Sabercycle downward towards the ice and snow. Instead of the jarring crash she was half expecting, the hovering bike corrected itself and disappeared in a flicker of light just before it would have crashed. Rei was thrown forward before slamming through the windshield of a taxi cab.  She’d have laughed if it wasn’t for the intense pain she felt. After a few minutes, she stood up, brushed herself off, and swiped her hand in front of her to bring up the UI again. 

She equipped herself with the same armor and weapons, and when everything was ready Rei stood up, selected the multiple target weapon system. She felt the rifle in her hands melt into liquid chrome, before reforming itself fluidly to become a multibarreled launcher. She smiled, looked at the looping scene around her and opened fire on the street full of cars and people. 

Streaks of missile vapor exploded from her hands as dozens of fist sized sunlight bright stars blossomed forth and spun crazily before impacting the buildings cars and street. Missiles streaked and curled away, sailing up into the sky, down the street and into the cars and pavement below. 

Fireballs and chunks of white hot steel enveloped the street. Cars began popping as they exploded with loud ground shaking thumps, the charred wrecks flipped into the air like cards before a hurricane wind. Slagged pieces of vehicles and chunks of buildings rained down into the street crushing other cars and bodies of the pedestrians with sickening realism. Within minutes the missile salvo she had loosed had decimated two city blocks, and further down the avenue buildings toppled over into the street and each other, hurling bricks, glass, steel and burning bodies on the street.