Being courted by advertisers?

I recieved this email via the contact page, and thought I'd poke them to see what the process was, out of pure curiosity. I rate these type of "offers" right up there with Nigerian Prince Bank letters.  My responses are (in brackets)


Your Email: removed 
Subject: Interesting in text Advertisement
Message: Hi
Actually I am interested in buying a number of text links on your web blog
Let me know your interest. I can tender you a reasonable price for it.
My links are free of porn material.

Waiting for your answer.

To which I replied:

So how does it work?

And they replied: 

Thanks for reply,

We have a network of webmasters and publishers. We are working on the behalf of requirment of both webmaster and publishers.

(erm. what?)

Webmaster add links in sidebar/footer and earn money in the return. The links may be relevant or irrelevant depend on the willingness of webmaster and publisher.

(see my last comment.)

Our prices are on the base of Blog PR as follow;

Blog PR Price    /links/            6month No.of links Blog Earning/ Six month

2          $10      10-15                   $100-150

3          $15      10-15                   $150-225

4          $20      10-15                   $200-300

5          $25      10-15                   $300-450

6          $30      10-15                   $400-600 

As your blog Pr3, we offer your $30 per link or Year.Your annual earning will be $300-450.
once you accept our requirments then within 10 days we fill all the links.

All links will be relevant to blog content, no porn and spammy links.

(Didn't you just say that it would be irrelvant or relevant?)

We pay by paypal and moneybooker. 

This is longterm oppertunity, each year you can earn handsome money from your blog.
In future, if your blog PR increase then your link price will also increase.

Waiting for your response.

Keep waiting, Bredman .

I guess I should feel honored that I'm being targeted by the same type of skeezers  that  Gawker and other websites are, but in all honesty I'd rather keep my blog ad free. (And by ad free, I mean, aside from promoting the stuff I like and being paid for it not at all. If people want to know how I make my money (HA!) they can order an art piece, or even just throw some coin into the donation jar for a treat thank you gift. (Possibly involving nudity, but whatev's.)