Date A Live III: Reviewed

Welcome to a new section written by my wife Raspberry!
Rating system notes:
Worth Watching = 5 stars
Hm hm= 4 stars
Huh = 3 stars
Meh = 2 stars
Ugh = 1 star
Zettai ni Arimasen = Not if you gave me a million dollars tax free covered in chocolate

Rating: Meh

Harem anime with a magical girl twist.  Computer generated sludge in the beginning reminded me powerfully of my aunt's 'cooking'.  Fight scene is hilariously reminiscent of the old Batman tv series--'BAM!' 'POW!' 'BANG!' 'POOF!'.  Couldn't help laughing.  The antagonists' revenge is unique and appropriate to the genre, as is her outfit.  Nipples would show if she were real.  Even I couldn't stop staring to see if they actually would show, though I know they're not allowed to.  In one scene they had to put a star over cover what was almost certainly a slip of the pen (or mouse, as I'm sure they don't draw all of this anymore).  I could wish for more plot and intelligent dialogue, but I won't get it.  I'll probably skip the belated and transparent attempt to familiarize us with all the characters in the second episode.