Fall Anime Review VI

Welcome to a new section written by my wife Raspberry!

Rating system notes:

Worth Watching = 5 stars

Hm hm= 4 stars

Huh = 3 stars

Meh = 2 stars

Ugh = 1 star

Zettai ni Arimasen = Not if you gave me a million dollars tax free covered in chocolate

Voice of Fox: Rating: Hm hm

Nice plot.  Good enough to accept any niggling inconsistencies.  I can say with a fair amount of certainty that the two main characters are going to be a favorite with the BL fan fic segment.  The creators seem to be encouraging that line of thinking with their thorny-vine entangled interlude.  But it doesn't interfere at all with the quality of the anime, so I'm inclined to ignore it.  Enough mystery with the back-story to keep it interesting.  Why can't the excessively hot main character not sing onstage again?  Because if that's supposed to be a scar, it seems a lot more of a fashion choice than an accident.  Not feeling terribly sympathetic to his 'plight'; know too many people with actual disabilities who are out there taking names and kicking cat-person tail.  Admire him for holding down several jobs, been there kid, hang in.  But why doesn't the ghost singing pay more?  Bet you the two-faced prince isn't doing more than his lip-syncing gig.  The ending had some really good foreshadowing though, so the next episode is much anticipated.  Also can't wait to meet the ancillary characters.