Fall Anime Rundown III

Welcome to a new section written by my wife Raspberry!!

Rating system notes: 

Worth Watching = 5 stars

Hm hm= 4 stars

Huh = 3 stars

Meh = 2 stars

Ugh = 1 star

Zettai ni Arimasen = Not if you gave me a million dollars tax free covered in chocolate

Bakumatsu: Rating: Huh

I have reasonably high hopes for this one.  I had a bad moment during the opening credits, thinking 'Hey, this is a period piece, they should stick to period costumes', but they totally solved that by transporting the characters to an alternate universe/history.  Now they can do what they want to all the pretty boys in the cast.  Innuendo was intentional.  As I'm fairly certain most of the costume designs were intended to entice.  Liked the patterned reflections on their hair, though, that was a nice touch.  Disappointed by the ship scene.  Ships didn't behave as ships do in stormy waters, instead looking as rock-solid as land.  Instant Deux ex Machina at the end, there.  Expect more fight scenes.  The two they had were a bit short, but the first was plotted very nicely.  Should be interesting to see what happens in the next couple episodes.  Might be a candidate for a higher rating.

Space Battleship Tiramisu: Rating: Hm hm

Funny.  Just 7 minutes of funny.  Also, not a new one, I'll have to look up the previous seasons.  

UzaMaid: Rating: Hm hm

Surprisingly unpredictable.  Not a fan of lollicon, but the animation was really well done.  I really loved the way the characters moved.  Very realistic.  Especially the run down the stairs by the main character.  The movements of the character and the 'camera' were perfectly choreographed to set the mood of total panic.  And they weren't at all trope-y.  Some of their actions were so unexpected, they surprised a laugh out of me.  And, although I looked at the parent with disbelief for letting someone like that anywhere near his child, I also knew the scenario wouldn't work if he wasn't completely clueless.  

Himote House: Rating: Meh

Clearly computer generated.  I'm not sure they even bothered trying to hide it.  It probably sounded like a design decision, but it turned out looking a bit creepy with the way they move and the total lack of expression.  Their pupil-less eyes weird me out.  And why does each girl have a different theme song, none of which seem to relate to the action or the plot?  And why would you feel the need to make sounds like clothes rustling and feet walking so loud?  It distracted me from what the characters were saying, which takes a lot, since I was mostly reading what they were saying.  Which brings me to the voice of the oldest sister.  I'm not a voice actor, but it sounded a lot like she had something in her mouth while she was talking.  Or possibly a speech impediment, since it was so slow.  If that's the case, they should let everyone know so we can applaud them for their inclusion.  Then there's the panty scene.  Why do we need to talk about our underthings for so long, and especially why would we ever feel the need to show people we've only just met our underthings, and then comment excessively on them?  Overall, it feels like badly animated doujinshi.  Then they have powers.  So...not a slice of life...maybe.  The only really good part was at the very end, when they were being silly and talking.  That part was very sleep-over-ish, and the voice actresses made it sound natural, even though the animation was stiff.