Fall Anime RoundUp Part 1

Welcome to a new section written by my wife Raspberry!!

Rating system notes: 

Worth Watching = 5 stars

Hm hm= 4 stars

Huh = 3 stars

Meh = 2 stars

Ugh = 1 star

Zettai ni Arimasen = Not if you gave me a million dollars tax free covered in chocolate

Ms Vampire Who Lives in My Neighborhood: Rating: Huh

The characters were a little too girly for my taste, though I'm sure there are people like that. Bit tired of the constant middle/high school kids. That said, at least they don't forget that there are parents in the world, though these parents should be looked into by social services for some of their parenting decisions. And it certainly had funny moments if you could get past the weird sexual innuendos. If you didn't expect that from the title, though, then you should have. Animation is standard. Not bad, but not great either. You can watch it. I probably won't.

Zombie Land Saga: Rating: Zettai ni Arimasen

I didn't watch it (duh).

Hinomaru Sumo: Rating: Hm hm

Not my usual taste, but this sports anime isn't bad, despite a distinct lack of pants for the main characters. Bit of a cross-over with tough-guy prove yourself high school anime and sports anime. And the main character has some added mystery to his past which I'll admit to wanting to know more about. Animation isn't bad, lots of muscles, but it is sports anime. I might appreciate details more if I knew more about sumo, but it looks like this anime would be happy to teach me. I had no idea there was a height requirement before watching, for example.

Goblin Slayer: Rating: Ugh

The only good thing about this was the animation. Reasonably decent quality. Unfortunately, that meant we saw way too much of the rape and murders. Sadly, it could have been good since the plot was well thought out. They didn't need to include so much ugliness. Not watching it again.

SSSS. Gridman: Rating: Worth Watching

The animation is beautiful. All the stills with crumpled green tape and realistically messy homes. And the way the main female character moves with her friends when we first see them in the classroom. Very lifelike. Sadly, it is also a mecha, but I'm willing to overlook that as it's so well done. Plot pulls you in, action happens with sufficient build up, and there's enough mystery to make you want to watch more, with an interesting twist at the end. Best overall so far this season. They're not all out yet, though, so we'll see.

Radiant: Rating: Huh

Decent animation. Enough backstory to make the current plot interesting. Liked the world, islands floating in the air. Also, the elephant cows were just funny. Really enjoyed the main female character. Found her lack of one arm to be an encouraging sign of increasing diversity in anime. She's formidable, but not all powerful. Main male character was predictably stupid, but as he's a teenager, this is not too far off base. Bears further watching.

Between the Sea and Sky: Rating: Meh

I feel like it could be better, but right now it's not really worth it. The plot is interesting, though I think they could've gone with a more scientific solution. The fish all disappear and for some reason we decide to fish in space, making large planet-like fisheries with huge fish in them, which have to be subdued using magical deities who you download on your phone as apps. Which is an odd mix of science and magic, that I felt unnecessary. It could have been done entirely with scientific solutions, but that's not what bothers me most. It's the characters who could be better. They're obviously all trope-y fan service girls. The male characters are all there as foils to ruin the girls' chances at space fishing. The intention of the creators is clearly to both infantilize and sexualize the girls--who I can't even call women, they're so girly. It's most noticeable in the space uniform design choice. The girls have differently colored, bright suits, which accentuate their breasts, while the men all have the same pale colored suits. When we see the men, we see them at angles that emphasize their faces, while the girls all get angles where we can see things like legs and breasts. The creative directors seem to want to please everyone and in the end I'm afraid they'll please no one.

Double Decker Doug & Kirill: Rating: Hm hm

Interesting setting, futuristic city with drug addict problems and really great costume design. Starts out serious, but ends up being irreverent and funny. Main character is relate-able, not too perfect and not too inexpert. Just flawed enough to make you laugh. Liked the animation. You can tell they put a lot of effort into character design and matched personalities with plot, posture and presentation. Not my usual fare, but promises to be interesting and satisfying to watch.

Skull-face bookseller Honda-san: Rating: Hm hm

Slice of life at a bookstore. I liked the animation style, it seemed particularly well suited to an anime about manga. Made me feel like I was watching a four panel comic. Also, they never explained the skeleton and no one reacted to it at all. It made it strangely more interesting. Like there might be a back story. But I actually wouldn't mind if there isn't one, if that makes sense. Not much plot, but you don't really expect it from a slice of life anime.

Anima Yell: Rating: Huh

Plot is predictable, characters are trope-y, and all girls. I'm not sure there was even a male in the background, yet no one has mentioned this is an all-girls school, so what gives? At least there aren't any panty shots, which, considering how much cheerleaders tend to throw each other around, is pretty hard to do. And the main character seems earnest in her desire to help others, even if this impulse is taken to extremes.

Ulysses, Jeanne d'Arc and the Alchemist Knight: Rating: Huh

Based loosely on French history, the main characters are fairly predictable personalities who don't adhere to period costumes. Despite that, the plot is all right, with magic thrown in to make it less historically expected. Not that many people know French history in such detail that it would be glaringly obvious if they went that far off-script... But there's a nice twist at the end, and the Surprisingly Useful French Lesson is, well, surprisingly useful.

Dakaichi, I'm being harassed by the sexiest man of the year: Rating: Huh

BL, if you didn't get that from the title. Not my favorite genre. I don't have anything against homosexuality, but some BL borders on molester. This crosses that line in their first encounter, but their second establishes them both as willing. I would find this too much to overcome in a live-action, but for anime it seems more normal to suspend my disbelief. Animation is very clean, plot is well laid out, if a bit predictable. Other characters don't make much of a dent, it's definitely about the two main. Not bad, for BL.