Fall Anime Rundown V

Welcome to a new section written by my wife Raspberry!

Rating system notes:

Worth Watching = 5 stars

Hm hm= 4 stars

Huh = 3 stars

Meh = 2 stars

Ugh = 1 star

Zettai ni Arimasen = Not if you gave me a million dollars tax free covered in chocolate

Merc StoriA: The Apathetic Boy and the Girl in the Bottle: Rating: Hm hm

Unique enough plot line to keep me interested. Animation is good, though the backgrounds are very well done. The boy has magical powers, and instead of having a glowing concentric circle with indecipherable runes appear whenever he does magic, he has a glowing flat flower with indecipherable runes. Which I guess is better, if not terribly original. Magical girl never gets an undressed transformation scene--or at least, she hasn't yet, so that's a plus in my opinion. But she's small and fun, with an engaging personality. No fan service with other characters either (again, a plus in my book). There's a mystery with the contents of her jar. Didn't start out having any, but ended up with several, one of which looks like Mom's ring. Main character is trying to leave town. Pretty sure he's on this journey to find his dad, who's very late coming home, though it doesn't really say. Maybe he knows dad is dead and he's going for a different reason. Should be fun finding out. And along the way, they'll probably meet enough monsters for an RPG. Which I'm equally sure will come soon, if it hasn't already. The un-introduced characters in the end credits all seem to be female, and remarkably similar to Strawberry Shortcake characters. Hope it doesn't turn into harem anime. Still, writing is well done. Looking forward to watching more.