Fall 2018 anime rundown Part 2

Welcome to a new section written by my wife Raspberry!!

Rating system notes: 

Worth Watching = 5 stars

Hm hm= 4 stars

Huh = 3 stars

Meh = 2 stars

Ugh = 1 star

Zettai ni Arimasen = Not if you gave me a million dollars tax free covered in chocolate

https://www.crunchyroll.com/that-time-i-got-reincarnated-as-a-slime: Rating: Worth Watching

Funny and original, not your typical 'Hey, I'm in a magical game world and I'm an All Powerful Manly Man' harem anime.  The slime was gleefully carefree, the tsundere dragon made me laugh, and the end credits promise more original characters.  Seamless blend of computer generated and drawn scenes.  Liked the decision to change the main characters' voice during the reincarnation sequence.  

Jingai-san no Yome: Rating: Huh (translation: yeah, watch it but some curious items may eventually bench it from the roster)

Only 3 minutes long.  It should be interesting to see what kind of world this kid lives in that 1) High schoolers can get married, 2) They don't get a say in the marriage, and 3) Weird creatures just come and pick out people to marry at a high school the way they might at a marriage broker...  Still hung up on the high schooler bit, but it bears watching.  Interesting style, liked the hair of the characters, waiting for more.

Run With The Wind: Rating: Huh 

Not your average sport anime.  For one thing, it's not set in high school.  The characters have essentially been tricked into the club, which promises to be an interesting plot, and at least one of them is a criminal with a mysterious past.  Cinematography is really good, especially since a lot of scenes happen at night.  

Xuan Yuan Sword Luminary: Rating: Meh

Typical magical world, with conquering nation modeled after ancient China.  Some mecha, or 'construct' action.  Large cast, with characters on both sides.  The plot moved way too fast.  I hardly even know the characters, and I can't even remember their names, but they've already 'moved up in the world'.  It seemed like they chose to condense a much longer saga, but it just didn't work.  I can't feel anything for any of them because I didn't spend any time getting to know them.  Artwork was wonderful, though.  I feel bad for the people who worked on it, since the plot people kinda messed it up.  If you think you can get past the initial confusion, be my guest.

Rascal Does Not Dream of Bunny Girl Senpai: Rating: Worth Watching

Surprisingly intelligent, given the prominence of the bunny girl and little sister.  Actually made me think of existence in the philosophical sense.  I liked the idea that what others do and how others see us can effect us physically and externally as well as emotionally and internally.  Light on the philosophy, though.  More on the human interactions and day to day living.  Also, the cat twitched its ear very realistically.  And they chose a calico, which has to be harder to draw.  I can imagine them saying, 'Now, how far down did the black part go on her shoulder again?'.  

DErideD- Derrida who leaps through time: Rating: Worth Watching

Dystopian future witnessed by the person who was one of the main causes of it.  Promises to be intriguing.  His entry into the time capsule was a bit improbable, but I'm willing to suspend my disbelief if they explain it later.  And it looks like they will, since there's a lot of unfinished business already.  Computer generation isn't too pushy, and the snow was nicely done.  Not all round, but fat, irregular, flakes, with the nearer ones out of focus.  It was a nice detail, and gave the right ambiance to the scene.