The Crystalline Prisoner Work In Progress Snippet:

Below is the latest scene from the novel I'm currently writing, a continuation of the story previewed at the end of Guns Of Penance, which you can buy here

As it is first draft stuff, expect grammar wangleness and plot whathattery that may be changed or removed entirely from The Crystalline Prisoner.

"Teeth ripped me from the dream. I awoke in the memory screaming as the man’s jaws bit into my shoulder. I kicked at him, and as he fell backwards he jabbed at me with the butt of his vapor cannon, the synthwood stock of his gun splintering as it smacked my head.  Then there was a reactor pipe in my hands, as if it materialized from nothingness, and unblinking, I sprayed the man with it, watching the white light dissolve him before he could even scream.

"I was in a war zone. Other men and women like him were shooting at me, and the sky boiled with blood and fire, gouts of scarlet smoke splashing over the people shooting holes in each other. For a moment I just stood there, before a voice in my head urged me to advance, to keep firing the reactor pipe, to silence the rebels who threatened the safety of the planet’s terraforming project. 

I choked on the smell of burning flesh, coughing as the smoke stung my eyes, but then I was overcome with a nearly instinctual urge to stand, target a man using a crude projectile rifle, and turn half of his body to ash, even as his compatriots shot me in the chest. 

Bullets, bits of metal, gas propelled, sank into my skin, my flesh. They burned there a moment, and as I stood, my body flexed in some alien way, and repulsed them.  Child’s play, this war. It didn’t matter. The voice in my head buzzed on, directing me to shoot the men and women as they stood futilely against me, or turned to flee, or tried to sacrifice themselves to blow me up.

The voice in my head was like the pressure of some terrible migraine, and I moved almost involuntarily. . ."

Life, Post-Debut-Book-Launch

Real life has scaled back the writing somewhat. Progressing slowly with The Crystalline Prisoner, ( the book previewed at the end of Guns of Penance, but what with the new diagnosis of mild stenosis of the spine, I have to focus on immediate health concerns.

Writing TCP is a refreshing 180 degree switch from the Guns of Penance. It's high fantasy, for one thing (yet still set in the same universe as all the other books) it's shaping up to be a more romance oriented work than say erotica (less sex scenes.)

One thing I have learned with Guns of Penance though, is that book marketing is sooo much harder than writing. Promoting the book on a 0 dollar budget means asking for word of mouth, and getting reviews and things proves difficult. Then again, I'm trying to limit spamming everyone on Twitter and FB to maybe once every few days. According to the word on the Net,  I need a street team, which is apparently a core legion of fans willing to help spread the word about my book in exchange for rare loot and stuff like that. So basically the Ultrafans, I have no idea what I could offer for "loot" though!

The Sequel to Guns of Penance

Have you read my book? Do you want a sequel? Tell your friends who might like books with kick ass heroines, muscle cars, guns, sex, a scene with a dingo, and oh yes giant robots! Word of mouth from readers who review my book at Amazon or Goodreads, and people who tell their friends are the best way to reach new readers who can help me fund a sequel. If you liked the book and want to see more, please tell your friends! 

Amazon here

Goodreads here

Guns of Penance Available on Kindle

Guns of Penance is

Directly from Amazon, available for your Kindle. Still $3.99. And if you have bought it and read it, Thank you very much for reading and buying. I am directly indebted to you, and again, if you have read it and would like to leave a review (good or bad, so long as it's heartfelt, you can review it at Amazon here, or Goodreads here. And if you do leave a review, you have my deepest thanks. Off to writing the next book!

Guns Of Penance

My first self-published novel, the erotic action-adventure sci fi GUNS OF PENANCE is out and available as an ebook that works on your Amazon Kindle, iBooks, iPhones, net or other popular e-readers. $3.99 USD


But! If you want a paperback copy you can order it here! $13.99 (yes, that's the printing difference.)

Readers who've bought it so far have said they liked it, and one woman chided me for leaving the sample story at the end unfinished. I'd like to call that a dramatic hook.

GUNS OF PENANCE Preorder available!


My first novel, GUNS OF PENANCE arrives Late August/Early September and is now available to PREORDER as an ebook on Smashwords, for $3.99. It’s formatted for Kindle, Apple iBooks, and other ebook readers, DRM free. Please click here to preorder it.

If you want a print copy of GUNS OF PENANCE you can order an autographed copy by emailing me. The trade paperback cost is $13.99, and for autographed copies the shipping to you needs to be added in. The trade paperback will be available starting Late August/Early September at major online retailers. 

Both editions include a first peek preview of an upcoming novel of mine titled THE CRYSTALLINE PRISONER, a fantasy tale with moon sized dragons and networked tree spirits. 

Please leave  a comment if you have any questions, and let me know if you’ve purchased a preorder. Thank you so much, everyone, please look forward to it!

I am an imperfect Feminist. #EachEveryWoman

I am a feminist. Not a Radical Feminist, but an AWESOME one. I don’t HATE men, I actually LOVE them, even though I am  married to a lady. I’m a pro sex-positive feminist, (hello I write erotica?) I think intersectionality is crucial & that it’s way past time for cisgender feminists to speak up and support their trans* sisters and brothers I also think cisgender is no more a slur than feminist is. Honestly, it just means someone who is perfectly happy with their gender and their physical sex (no, not the bone-dance kind of sex, the other one.)

I’m also really flawed as a person. I fuck up, alot. My mouth is my foot-shaped. Though not intentionally so, I am racist, ableist, transphobic, and sexist, ignorant and bigoted in other ways I don't understand, even though I try really hard not to be. I have many blind spots. I make mistakes, it’s part of how I learn. When I hurt someone I try to apologize the right way right-away, by saying “I’m sorry I hurt you. How can I make it right?” Not the wishy-washy “I’m sorry if you feel offended” nonsense.

I often doubt myself. I Doubt what I believe. I challenge it. Have the facts changed? Am I wrong? Because what if I never doubted myself and it turned out that my self-confidence was baseless arrogance that hurt others? The idea that “I naturally could not doubt myself  because I’m not wrong” is toxic hubris. Still sometimes it’s harder for me to be confident even when I don’t doubt myself.

None of that makes me any less of a feminist, nor does it disqualify me from being pro-equality for men/women/other, the crazy idea that women and genderqueer people deserve the same respect, safety, and treatment that men expect, and that a feminist is simply someone who strives to make that a reality. 

I am an imperfect Feminist.

#EachEveryWoman Superquote poster

Everything I've said of importance in the last week about #YesAllWomen and #EachEveryWoman collected into one giant (seriously, you can print them as posters) image available for you here. Please feel free to download, share, print and hang up on your wall. I ask only that you not modify the text or remove the credit for it—that way I can see where it pops up in the world.  

Right click and select save to save this image to your hard drive.

Right click and select save to save this image to your hard drive.

#YesAllWomen is an important hashtag. But why stop there?

#YesAllWomen’s stories are important. Sharing them, listening and learning and talking are big steps for us. Let’s not let things end there. We can use our anger, sorrow and frustration to take further steps. I’m not an expert but I have a few ideas about how we can move beyond the hashtag and make this a movement. If you agree, please share this post. Reprint it, flyer-ize it, whatever. And please share ideas for how we can take it further with me on Twitter @Mari_Kurisato


1. Everyone: Read women’s stories. Share them. Listen. The hashtags #YesAllWhiteWomen and #CisGaze have so much to add to the movement. Women of Color and Trans* women have so much to say, and they need all our support. We’re all in this together.


2. Gentlemen: Ok, first, understand, #YesAllWomen are frustrated to hell and back with the misogyny they experience at the hands of men. Please understand that the women in your life probably don’t mean YOU when they voice their frustrations using this tag. You’re not a misogynist. But some men are. And we need you gentlemen to start doing your part beyond saying “Not me, I would never!" First, gather up your courage and read this short simple post on how to approach women without looking creepy:

2A. Gentlemen, please do us ladies the favor and stand up to sexism WHEREVER you see it. In real life, in League of Legends, in WoW, Eve Online. If you see a dudebro making a sexist joke, just say “That’s not cool, man. That’s not funny.” You can take it further than that, if you want, but even that much, from their peers, can get guys to rethink acceptable behaviour. Erica Friedman inspired this idea and has more to say on it here:

3 Everyone: Of course if you see sexual harassment, abuse, assault, or worse in Real Life, report it to police. Intervene if you feel safe doing so. Some local women’s shelters in your area may have training tips on how to best intervene, but the gist is this:

If you see someone in danger of being assaulted

*Step in and offer assistance. Ask if the person needs help. NOTE: Before stepping in, make sure to evaluate the risk. If it means putting yourself in danger, call 911 instead.

*Don’t leave. If you remain at the scene and are a witness, the perpetrator is less likely to do anything.

*If you know the perpetrator, tell him or her that you do not approve of what s/he is doing. Ask him or her to leave the potential victim alone.

Taken from RAINN: more tips here:

3. Everyone: Donate time and or money to local nonprofits that help fight misogyny in your area. You can donate to RAINN here:

Also: has more resources

This list is obviously incomplete, but I will be adding to it.