Natives Killed in The USA and Canada in 2017

I started tracking names last year. This is this year's list, so far. It (like the list for the year before it) is incomplete for many reasons. Not all murders are reported, not every murder reported is listed as an Indigenous person's death, and of course I can't reliably track anything south of the USA or around the Indigenous world because I do not have access to accurate reporting data. This is a volunteer task, and one I hate doing. But as far as I can tell, no major media is tracking these murders, and people need to know. 

1. Jamie Lee Wounded Arrow, 28. Two Spirit woman

2. Jeanenne Fontaine, 29.

3. Ivan Wilson Drags Wolf 24.

4. Anthony Joseph Raine age 20 months.

5. Wendy Carlick, 51.

6. Sarah Macintosh, 53.


They came from mud. For one hundred thousand years they struggled. Crawling down from the trees, walking into the caves,  salvaging worms, creating tribes, learning fire. They learned to adapt to the weather, learned to pray, learned to dance. They spent their days devising language, tamingwolves and breeding dogs, making weapons, sewing clothes, making babies, building pyramids, roads,  massive earthen mounds and two thousand year old calendars. And they created fireworks and discovered mathematics and science and mastered agriculture and trade and civilization, which was, ostensibly an excuse for a invention called war, which was most truthfully defined as killing anything that threatened them.  

They even made it to space. They left their precious mother planet, and visited a nearby moon. That was as far as they made it as a species. 

They didn’t actually murder each other with nuclear weapons that could vaporize the planet’s surface, no, what did them in was the individual decision to prioritize comfort and convenience over survival, over living. They built machines to make everything more convenient. Travel, food, homes, clothing, even the weather could be controlled by machines! At least the weather inside their artificial caves! They made satellites that watched the weather, watched the earth’s temperatures, and her storms. They tested machines that measured the pollution their great Convenience Machines farted into the air for them, and soon generations of new children were born who had never looked to the horizon and not seen brown clogging up a sad blue sky. Then a brown sky. Then a black sky. In the end what undid them was famine, disease, over crowding, and all of it created by the run away storms and heat and brown skies their machines had conveniently made for them.  Horrific acid rains mixed with the brown smoggy sky and the whole planet’s worth of living creatures died in the mud of their conveniently created machines. 

Dragon lies

may I rip you apart?
dragonfly asks me
no, I reply, but too late
She’s unzipped my skin
dipped her god hands within
we are all indigenous now
she says. 

my sin
is that I am afraid.
I am afraid and unchristian
but that’s dragonfly’s mission
to root it out
to push me aside.

take care and listen, listen
Black snake and  Pale Hearts are here.
Soulless word twisters are near
genocide they whisper
racial pride, they murmur
dragon flies
demons all.

Do not be silent

Fight now, in whatever ways you can. Speak. Call, Resist. Make Tyranny afraid to show its face in the streets, shout down every cowardly lie, face every snarling demon-hearted hater head on, and do not break. In time the historians will know whether our silence birthed their violence, or if we rose up and resisted, fought back. Do not let history ask where you were. When your brothers, sisters, mothers, fathers, friends, and bonded-heart families are at risk, march, fight. Do not be silent. Rage. Scream. Do not be silent in the face of Lies.  Burn bright with truth, and the righteous anger that is your birthright, the urge to fight for and protect those you love, and those who cannot protect themselves. Scream your truths in the face of Lies. Rage and roar into the hate of their white eyes. Fight back big or small, so that when history asks where were you, you can answer, “I was in the middle of it all.” 

Save the human race. Now is the time, Here is the place.

Medical Fund update

Okay! I’m trying not to swamp everyone with constant updates, but here’s a teeny one! Stage one funding has raised $3270 for medical expenses, ADA housing rent and bills. WOW! Gang, I’m crying here. Two months ago I was freaking out about needing to pay for emergency surgeries, and now I’m getting donation notifications daily! You’re so awesome! 

I’ve bought a back brace to help me stay upright when walking, I’ve got a new proper sized cane, and I’ve ordered a back massager heatpad thing which hopefully will cut down on pain days. I’ve also paid down $2768 of the $5000 direct medical debt owed for my jaw surgery +follow-ups, and also used some for rent. 

So that’s the update! Thank you so much for donating, sharing, and offering good thoughts and prayers! You’re amazing, and I’m so grateful! Thank you!

Next steps if I hit the 5k goal will be stage 2 funding for possible leg/back surgery, and or dental visits. 

I have no idea why I threw this hospital scene from an anime in?


This review contains spoilers about the first book in the Boneverse Series, UPDRAFT. Go read that before you read the review here! 

Cloudbound is an adventurous tale that picks up a bit after the events in Updraft. We shift perspectives from Kirit, to Nat, who finds himself a rising voice in the post-Singer world. One of Cloudbound's greatest improvements over the series debut novel is that the pace picks up and Wilde dives right into many of the secrets from the first book, including what lies below the seemingly never ending clouds and the surface layers of Updrafts main players. 

This novel takes a darker turn as the after effects of upsetting the world order start making themselves more visible. In the wake of the collapse of a central institution, various groups maneuver to take control of the city, trying to use Heroes of the events in the first book as pawns set against each other. But if a Machiavellian plot seems a bit dry, worry not, Wilde upsets the balance early and often, forcing the reader onto a back heel with anticipation. Wilde adroitly lays out the book’s themes here organically, never missing a beat in every scene. Her characters breathe, live and suffer in their own ways in Cloudbound, struggling to survive in a fully detailed world that feels real and lived in, one that the reader is lucky to observe. And as the novel descends into the thick of things many questions from the first book are answered in mind blowing fashion, while many new questions are hinted at in a way that makes the reader pine for the third book.

Especially when you learn what’s below the clouds. Oh dear.  I won’t give anything away, but I will say that loose tongues ruin the most ardent of political ambitions. 

Cloudbound pulls no punches in the fantastic third act, and the world-building seamlessly grounds the story in a meaty realism. Wilde is easily a contender for the top 5 best SFF writers of our era, earning her place alongside NK Jemisin and Nnedi Okafor. I cannot wait for Horizon, the next book in the Cloudbound Series. 



a lightning bolt
spider stalking across skies
is not your property
nor can  a rushing shush sound
of a curving river belong to you
no, you belong to it
it being that moment you share
with wherever you are
and whoever you are
or will become
You do not own this moment
no more than time owns you
but you can trap a lightning bolt
you can harness it
use it
for energy, for strength, death
or for imagination
a river’s rush can serve as well
a memory key
to set your mind free
But it’s on you. 


Book Review: Fran Wilde's UPDRAFT

Imagine living in the air, flying as free as a peregrine. Now imagine the sky exploding into a bloody red maw, a vicious mouth rimmed with glass teeth. This is the world of Fran Wilde’s Bone Universe.

The series starts with the richly layered Updraft, where we discover a human society living far above the clouds, on tiers connected to large towers of living, growing bone. 

Click the book art to buy the book on Amazon

Click the book art to buy the book on Amazon

Kirit Densira is an aspiring sky trader, hoping to soar on the air currents like her city-renowned mother. She dreams of flying from tower to tower on wings of delicate silk, bringing fortune to her family and fame to her tower. There's just one problem with this plan.

The humans aren't alone in the skies. 

Cunning, invisible predators await them in the clouds, hidden to the eye and possessing mouths filled with with dagger sharp teeth. These creatures, called skymouths, are some of the more dangerous secrets lurking in the skies of Wilde's densely imagined and tightly written world. Another group shrouded in secrets is the city's protectors, the Singers, who possess extraordinary skills at sensing and protecting the city from skymouths. 

And after a frightening encounter, the Singers realize that Kirit posesses a rare power that they must have. So begins a wild (ahem) journey of being ripped from one's dreams and shoved into a mystery that will threaten the very city itself.

Wilde's word craft is elegant, yet wrapped with multiple plot points and twists. It's  a well paced thriller-action piece woven together with a deeper drama about a child's identity as she becomes a young woman whose abilities push her to go beyond the City's plans for her. The characters are living and breathing people with complex motives, all of which Wilde plays out like a master composer, building until the epic, climactic battle. Wilde's ability to humanize her protagonist as well as the villains really make you see the horrors these people face as they come to terms with Kirit's powers. When the twists come and the tables turn, expect to be cursing the betrayal as much as the characters themselves do.

What really made me happy on my read through was the way Wilde would tease out a subplot thread just enough to leave me thinking about it, as opposed to beating me over the head with it, and still tying up most of them before the end, in an organic fashion.

The few ties she left loose?

Well, that’s what sequels are for.... 

White man’s lament II

please protect me
from seeing trauma
while no one protects you
from the blood the bullets
the teargas the concussion grenades razorwire
the fire and the hate

tell the truth
repackaged for me
that I might consume
without having to see
without having to consider
its ties to me directly
it’s not my fault
my house
my electricity
ruins your land
defiles your dead
I just live here
I don’t kill anyone
but don’t show me
your blood flowing freely 



It isn’t the gleam of her coat
or the sharpness of her eye
that makes a wolf beautiful
but her fearless, prancing step
as she glides through the forest
surely scenting her distant prey

A bear’s huffing growl and snarling basso roar
and towering angry stare isn’t what makes her great
but her carefree pleasure in fishing for a nap in sunlight
her willingness to die fighting tooth and nail to save her cubs

It isn’t our standing at the front line that makes us brave
but our strength in getting up at next dawn’s light to do it again
our Elders and ancestors guiding us through lies and violence
we work together, support each other, and rise up against greed & fear


Indigenous/Natives killed in 2016 in US/CAN

As of today, 42 Natives have been murdered, 15 by police.
( Updated 11/11/16)

The genocide against the Native Nations did not happen "long ago."

It's happening now. Ongoing

Joanne Neepin
Loreal Tsingine
Marilyn Munroe
Bradley Errol Green
Charnelle Masakeyash
Delaine Copenace
Azraya Kokopenace
Diane Pootlas
Jocelyn George
Joseph Molinaro
Raymond Gassman
Vincent Nageak III
Sherrisa Homer
Patricia Kruger
Francis Clark
Mark Nelson
Verl Bedonie
Hubert Burns Jr
Jamie Lee Brave Heart
Joey Tiah English
Cyril Weenusk
Roylynn Rides Horse
Rex Vance Wilson
Renee Davis
Jayden Eric Redden
Gustav Christianson
Kristie Hart
Sherry Ann Wounded Foot
Samantha Burnette
Phillip M. High Bear Sr.
Carla Yellowbird
Deanna Desjarlais
Colten Boushie
Todd Little Bull
Ernest Worm
Alvin R. Silversmythe
Dylan Laboucan
Cory Grey
Kira Friedman
Te'Ca Clifford
Jacqueline Salyers
Herman Bean Jr

What am I doing?

Bit of a status update!

Tweeting too much. Not writing as much fiction as I’d like, though I’m still setting words to the page almost every day. If you count my tweets, I’m getting a pretty good word count.

I’m also really sick/ill/feeling the effects of my physical disabilities piling on. I’ve had this leg infection now for months, and I have a nasty cold/virus that I cannot kick. I recently had surgery for my jaw/teeth, which was not cheap, and has in essence turned me into a digital beggar due to my Medicaid being canceled and no longer covering the gap in my Medicare payments. It’s getting to the point where I’m not sure if I’ll be able to pay off my medical debt,  afford my suddenly really expensive meds, and pay my part of rent.  Eeek! All the more reason to crak the writing whip!

I’ve also been polishing the manuscripts for various things, since getting my novel Escape Light ready for the next #DVPIT pitching session. Aside from that project the novella Withering Earth proceeds slowly but surely, and the final book in the Space Opera Trilogy is teasing me with its percolation. So maybe I can get that going too!

On the published front, I have a story in the amazing Indigenous Queer Sci-fi Fantasy anthology Love Beyond Space And Time, which is an amazing collection of Indigenous/Native written queer stories with such luminaries as Dr. Darcie Little Badger, Daniel Heath Justice, Gwen Benway,  Nathan Adler, Richard Van Camp and Cherie Dimaline to name a few. It’s an awesome collection where I feel like the newbie amongst masters, but it was a fun story to write! Go pick it up!

I also have something coming out that’s… well. It’s pretty dangerous. Head over to Erica Friedman’s website for more details. I’ll talk about this next week!

As always, I am surrounded by amazing friends, allies and family, even though some of them are only over broadband. But thank you. Thank you all so much for pulling for me. For praying for me, for holding me up when i’m crying like a baby and wanting to give up, for donating to help pay for my medical needs, buying my work, leaving reviews, and generally just making me smile. I appreciate and love you all!

See you next week!

Pain level 9

( don't worry, it's just a poeme)

oh death take me from this wretched plane
crack my mind into glowing starsand again
give me no more years of tormented empathy
let go my pulse and grant eternal end to me
Creation hath filled itself with foul contemptibly wild beasts
who think themselves better than everything else that they see
They kill each other for no damned reason at all
Tear themselves down to pretend to stand tall
They speak lies of compassion, progress and humility
while burning the skies, and destroying all of the seas
They enslave, rape and murder their own children!
Oh death when will you take me away from them?

Ain’t Like Water

I keep falling
for the wrong kind of love
for the wrong kind of smile.
And the wrong kind of gravity
so easily trips up a fool like me.

All these leaves keep changing color
governments keep killing our brothers, our mothers
black snakes rise, don’t tread on me, don’t tread on me

Men keep droning,
spewing their constant disease
that money honey
will meet all of our pressing needs.
Easy to drink in their lies
but oil won’t sympathize
don’t choke on me, don’t choke on me




Song for the Dead

Song for the Dead

Baby girl in the ground too soon
who sings on the ice for you?
big brother gone away
empty seems the everyday
tears come
tears don’t come
singing stones over the water
grief and rage like oil and blood
thunder booms through rains’ flood
drums lift the canyon’s colors up the wall
listen for the eagle’s keen companion call
Cry out your names to the clear blue sky
listen for the heartbeat in your loving eye
Blood and pain are all we know
dancing through the haze and red snow
drum calls us home
drumsong warms our bones
we cry for you
we live for you